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Auralite 23   Rare


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Black Tourmaline


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Quartz  Rare



Chevron Amethyst

Chrysocolla  Rare


Cryolite   Rare

Emerald   Rare



Golden Obsidian


Green Tourmaline


Himalayan Quartz


Isua   Rare





Lapis Lazuli

Larimar   Rare


Libyan Desert Glass


Meteorite Rare

Moldavite Rare


Nuummite   Rare



Opal  Rare



Quartz Cluster

Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Obsidian

Red Nuummite   Rare



Rose Quartz

Rubellite Tourmaline

Ruby  Rare

Ruby Zoisite

Selenite  Rare

Seraphinite  Rare

Shungite  Rare

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Smoky Quartz


Star Rose Quartz

Stichtite Rare


Tiger Eye

Tiger Iron



Zebra Jasper


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I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful Crystal Skulls I received. They are awe inspiring and I am proud to be their guardian. The power that I can feel and sense in them is incredible.

I was feeling a bit down then they arrived and as I opened the box, the sadness disappeared and I felt happy and light. They and yourself have given me an incredible gift. Thank you so very much.
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It's interesting how each skull arrives at a time in my life with the different energy I need.

Thank you, as always, for all that you both do to in making both the skulls and their knowledge available to the world. It has been such an integral part of my journey.

I know I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't found your website. In truth I don't think I actually found it; I was found. I was pulled there. They found me. And I feel blessed.
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I bought a few new skulls a couple weeks ago. Two nuummite skulls one tennis ball size the other golf ball size. I also bought a tennis ball size Sha Na Ra crystal skull. I wondered how I was going to know if I was benefitting from them. I could easily feel the energy they send out but the test for me with new tools is how is my life experience changes. First I noticed a much higher vibration in my own field. However the most noticeable change is the quality of my thoughts and ideas. My thoughts are noticeably upgraded. Amazing! I highly recommend these products.
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Offering the largest selection of
energized crystal skulls in the world


We offer the most comprehensive information on crystal skulls, and also provide the highest quality activated crystal skulls for sale, along with the largest selection of crystal skull jewelry in the world.

Every crystal skull we offer is personally selected and specially energized for you with the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the extraordinary Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, providing the greatest benefits that hundreds of testimonials can attest to.

Through exclusive arrangements, we also offer the only crystal skulls in the world energized by the ancient crystal skull ET, as well as crystal skulls energized by the ancient crystal skull Sha NA RA.

If you are seeking the highest quality crystal skulls that are optimaly energized and activated specifically for you, is your source for the ideal crystal skulls for you.

See huge selection of Crystal Skulls

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"The crystal skulls came in and it's transformed the energy around my home and being. The energy from these skulls are unlike anything I've experienced before. Thank you for this gift, I will definitely come back for more to grow my collection."
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International Year of Crystallography

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious. It is the source of all true Art and Science." Albert Einstein

Scientists believe that the world is over 4 billion years old. Anthropologists state that Homo Sapiens date back as far as 500,000 years. Although natural quartz crystal has been part of the Earth since before the dawn of time, it is believed to have been used by man only during the last 12,000 to 15,000 years.

Ancient man may not have had computers as we know them today, but it is believed that they were familiar with the information-storing properties of quartz and therefore made use of a lasting receptacle that would be able to record, store, and transmit data for eternity. These "ancient computers" are the crystal skulls that we are rediscovering today.

Nowadays, quartz is the key component in many of our modern technologies, including telecommunication devices and computers. One small quartz chip can hold thousands of photographs, songs, movies, books, data, etc. Just imagine what could be stored in a piece of quartz the size of a human head!

crystal skulls
The Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR surrounded by
12 life-size quartz crystal skulls from
Click here to enlarge & photo credit

Rather than storing precious information for mankind in an ordinary piece of quartz that could have been lost in time, the ancients chose to store their wisdom in a receptacle shaped like a human head. These would be used in many rituals and ceremonies, and passed down from generation to generation, and from shaman to shaman. In the same way that our human skull protects and holds the brain, a crystal skull is a vessel of consciousness and knowledge of the past, present and future.

For the ancient people, a skull representet consciousness and eternal life, because the skull remains long after the body. The skull was not a symbol of death or doom. For the ancients, the crystal skull was a tool for storing energy and information, for accessing higher levels of consciousness, for healing, for divination, for ascension and transcendence - the crystal skulls are re-emerging on this planet at this time as tools to support us in these ways for our conscious evolution.

All crystal skulls are energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM (unless noted as energized with the Ancient Crystal Skulls Sha Na Ra or ET, or in ancient Karpay ceremonies with the Q'ero, or at another special activation.)


Experience the energy of crystals

Enjoy the light & power of crystal skulls

I just received my first crystal skull today and I love it. It's beautiful and very well carved. I thank you so much for introducing me to crystal skulls awareness. I'm very new to all of this and my crystal skull will make my journey more enjoyable.
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When I recieved my "Little Helper" crystal skull it jumpstarted my road back to health. Ever since then, I keep my miniature crystal skull with me as much as possible and life for me is improving daily.
Thank you,
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Amar The Tibetan Crystal Skull - Tibet Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull - Belize Paris Skull - Mexico Smithsonian Crystal Skull Skully The Millennium Crystal SKull British Museum Crystal Skull Paris Museum Crystal Skull Sammie Girl - Mahasamatman -  Brazil Synergy - Peru ET Crystal Skull - Guatemala Max Crystal Skull - Guatemala Mayan Crystal Skull - Honduras Ami - Amethyst Crystal Skull - Mexico Shanara Crystal Skull - Mexico

At, you will find secrets revealed - truth as we know it to be - about the origin of crystal skulls, the legends surrounding the 13 crystal skulls and the Mayan Crystal Skulls.

There are different classifications for crystal skulls, often determined by age, which is one of the factors that differentiates real and fake crystal skulls. You will be introduced to the most famous ancient crystal skulls, including the moving-jaw Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (get this free insider's report), as well as crystal skulls previously unknown to the public, like "Amar" the Tibetan Crystal Skull.

While one can intellectually research and learn about crystal skulls, it has been found that to fully comprehend the crystal skull phenomenon, one is best to experience being in the presence of a crystal skull - particularly a life-size, old or ancient crystal skull. Amazing experiences have been encountered in the presence of crystal skulls - including profound healings, accessing astounding insights, receiving spiritual awakenings and life-changing transformations, as well as extraordinary dreams and meditations. This type of remarkable phenomena can occur even with the smallest crystal skulls, and becomes more powerful with larger crystal skulls.

I like it very much thank you. The craftsmanship is very high. I wouldn't consider myself all that "mystical" what have you, but I did have a very interesting experience the day I rec'd it, and should have taken more full advantage. Right now I have it on my desk where it faces me, and I pick it up occasionally and admire it. I aspire to live up to the message it imparts. (read more testimonials)


It is interesting to note that new crystal skulls seem to absorb some of the healing properties and wisdom of old and ancient crystal skulls when placed in their vicinity - the old/ancient skulls effectively program the newer skulls in order to spread their ancient knowledge and power throughout the Earth. This may be a great part of the mission of the ancient crystal skulls.

This transferring of energy and information allows you to acquire a powerful crystal skull of your own. offers you the rare opportunity to have a crystal skull that has been activated by AMAR, the treasured Tibetan Crystal Skull hand-carried across the Himalayas by a Tibetan High Lama. All of the crystal skulls we offer have been specially energized and activated for you with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and with the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM. Through exclusive special arrangements with their guardians, we also offer a select group of crystal skulls that have been energized by some of the most powerful ancient crystal skulls in the world, such as the Ancient Crystal Skull SHA NA RA, and the Ancient ET Crystal Skull Collection.

"Since the crystal skulls came into my life, I have felt safe and not alone anymore, in a way that I cannot describe" (read more testimonials) has the largest selection of crystal skulls available in all sizes, including life-size crystal skulls, as well as light boxes to enhance their beauty and energy. You can select from a 12 crystal skulls set designed to greatly amplify and enhance the power of your own crystal skull, a 7 crystal skulls kit ideal for balancing and healing, or a Pocket Crystal Skull to carry with you. We also offer exclusive crystal skull advisor pendulums that allow you to communicate directly with the crystal skulls, and we have created crystal skull guided meditations for you to activate, clear and program your crystal skulls, and for healing with crystal skulls. We have the largest selection of crystal skull jewelry in the world so you can benefit from having the power of crystal skulls with you at all times.

As author Jaap van Etten, PhD. concludes, crystal skulls invite you on a journey into a deeper understanding of who you are. We invite you to experience for yourself the 'invisible help' of the crystal skulls by offering you the right crystal skull for you. Click here to find out what makes our crystal skulls special.

We do appreciate your service and beyond that, we treasure your making these wonderful skulls available for us to select which ones we want to live with and learn from. They are truly conscious, loving and helpful teachers. We've been working with your skulls for about a year and a half; every single skull has been outrageous. We anticipate a long relationship with you and our skulls. (read more testimonials)



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I was going to buy a citrine crystal skull from our local crystal shop here, but I don't feel the same energies from them as I do from your skulls. Your crystal skulls seem to have a higher vibration and quality beyond any others that I have found. They are so amazing, the power seems to resonate from your pictures on the screen. With a rare exception, I will continue to purchase my crystal skulls only from Thank you - again, for helping me and others on our spiritual paths!
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Mayan Crystal Skull - Honduras Amar The Tibetan Crystal Skull - Tibet Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull - Belize Paris Skull - Mexico Smithsonian Crystal Skull Skully The Millennium Crystal SKull British Museum Crystal Skull Paris Museum Crystal Skull Sammie Girl - Mahasamatman -  Brazil Synergy - Micronesia ET Crystal Skull - Guatemala Max Crystal Skull - Guatemala Mayan Crystal Skull - Honduras Ami - Amethyst Crystal Skull - Mexico Shanara Crystal Skull - Mexico

"I'm so impressed with your company! So many items on my "wish list"! I don't know how I meditated without a skull, the difference is unbelievable."
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Yes, I have received my crystal skulls a few days ago, faster than expected actually! They are beautiful and powerful and a bunch of things have already shifted in my life. I got a slight cold as a cleansing reaction, my dreams are much more intense and I have much better focus on my business, as well as an improved ability to bring up and deal with old patterns that no longer serve me, particularly when it comes to self-image and dealing with people. All of that is exactly why I ordered the skulls and in a few short days they're already delivering that! I feel calmer, clearer and more centered as well, which puts me much more in tune with the mind of God and in a flow of synchronicity. Just extraordinary! I'm so happy, thankful and grateful! I can only imagine what much larger crystal skulls will do for me in the future! Thank you so much! (read more testimonials)
the BEST selection of

small new crystal skull mid-size crystal skull Large Crystal Skulls

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The Laws of Attraction and Protection

When crystal skulls are placed in a grid or matrix, they create a powerful energy field that is both attractive and protective. You can program that crystal skull grid to establish a field of protection that repels negative energies, and you can also create a grid of attraction which holds the energy of what you desire to manifest (Protection Kit includes velvet gift pouch & instructions for creating grids for both protection and attraction)

Crystal Skull Protection Kit
Regular Price $85.00(S&H $9.95)
Special Offer $49.97
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Kit includes 4 genuine 'B' grade quartz crystal skulls (some may have imperfections) each about 1 inch, with instructions for creating grids for protection and attraction/manifestation, all in a velvet gift pouch

Energized by the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR & Mayan Jade Skull Cana Ixim


On my job I have highly stressful periods each month due to various deadlines and/or visits from high level management adding 'stop what you're doing and do this for me QUICKLY!' projects to my daily tasks.  At such times, I find that if I just take a few minutes to hold the skull in my left hand while turning it around and around, spinning it, etc. that all my anxieties melt away and I'm then ready to complete my task. 

I even find that just having it in my pocket (within a black velvet pouch) that I've been feeling so much better at all times.  I've been bringing it with me everywhere I go, everyday since receiving it.  Thanks so much for offering such high quality skulls (at fair prices) and I look forward to adding more to my collection in future.
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(read more testimonials)


I have received my Advisor Crystal Skull and i am most happy with it. The energy I feel when meditating and holding it is electrifying.

Something I asked, already happened. Also, a coincidence perhaps...BUT After receiving my Crystal Skulls, things have been happening very fast and for the better. It's moving things at a faster rate and I'm already feeling all the positive happening to me.
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What can I say about my obsidian skull that arrived in the mail recently? It has been sculptured with a degree of care and possesses a remarkable amount of detail. On the surface it appeared at first to be nothing more than just another ornament to place on the shelf. How we deceive ourselves so easily!! On the weekend, I went for a long walk in the surrounding countryside and decided to take my skull  with me, carrying it in my left hand, hoping to transcend my understanding of this object beyond that of being a mere novelty.  

I thought at first the obsidian skull would be a cold object of little practical value, until I sensed a gradual warmth creeping up my left arm accompanied with a marked clarity of mind. The result of this experience has had a profound and somewhat unexpected effect on my thoughts. It was as if a veil of confusion had been lifted briefly from my path in life, assisting me with making some important decisions and possible life changes that had been evading me for some time. I’m still trying hard to rationalise this strange and somewhat disturbing moment in time that was to a degree beyond my comprehension.

I intend to learn more about my skull’s powers and its potentials over the coming months. I have no hesitation in supporting the validity of my skull’s empowered state. A truly powerful talisman for a few coins. Thank you for a wonderful gift beyond measure.(read more testimonials)


Really, your products have surpassed my expecatations every time!!! Thank you for being so consistent and professional!! All the best,
(read more testimonials)


I have the skull with me at all times. And, to my surprise, I do feel better with the skull than without one. (read more testimonials)


Sha Na Ra energized crystal skulls and Indie crystals have unique energy that I never have felt in my other personal crystals. It soft..warm.. it feels like home feels safe and full of positive energy. (read more testimonials)


Once again, words cannot describe - since I received this [crystal skull] collection .... All Are very happy and have changed my life and the way I look at things, I see things now in a new light. Be sure to thank Amar for me for so generously providing this very powerful energy that continues to guide and influence me on a daily basis.

Infinite thanks and blessings to you and the entire staff at and Amar for everything. You have changed my life!
(read more testimonials)

Click here to select the right crystal skull for you

These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with AMAR, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of the Mayan Blue Jade crystal skull CANA IXIM that has been used in ceremonies for healing, harvest and prosperity.

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