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Alien Skulls

Crystal Skulls & Alien, ET, UFO Phenomenons

Alien Skull

There has been talk that some of the original/ancient crystal skulls may have been alien to this world - in fact Hewlett-Packard when researching the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull with its moving jaw surmised that the technology to create such a crystal skull did not exist on Earth. Other legends talk about the Sky People bringing down these crystal heads - and historical archaeological findings, from cave paintings to Egyptian arcdhitecture exhibit a relationship with our Heavens. While this is a topic that may seem "out there", perhaps it might be worth keeping an open mind to the possibility that we are not the only intelligent being in the Universe...


Crystal Skulls Connection to the Skies

The Earth is strongly affected by the energies of the moon, the Sun, and the planets around us. The moon not only influences the tides, but also influences our behavior - any police station can attest to the affect of the full moon on humans. The Sun gives life to all living things on Earth - it influences the seasons and the crops, and it determines how, when and where we all live.

Our Sun is just one star among billions of stars in our galaxy. Human science has barely been able to explore the planets in our own solar system, yet it has the audacity to insist that we are the only intelligent life in all of the cosmos. Even from a purely statistical point of view, this is a preposterous hypothesis.

The truth is that we are afraid of what we do not know, and there are many mysteries on Earth that remain unexplained. For instance, no one can explain how or why the Nazca lines in Peru were created - at a time long before man could fly, these so-called "primitive" people created giant images that could only be seen from the air, one of which is a man who seems to be wearing some kind of space helmet! No one can explain how the great pyramids of Egypt and Mesoamerica were built. No one can definitively explain how Stonehenge was built, or why. And no one can adequately explain the extraordinary phenomenon of modern crop circles that keep becoming more and more outrageously intricate and exquisitely complicated.

For decades, there have been sightings of unidentifiable flying objects all over the world by reputable people from all walks of life, including pilots and military personnel. Even the Bible makes references to the "Chariots of the Gods". So why is there so much controversy and so many cover-ups regarding the constant visitations of our brethren from space? Because of fear of the unknown, and fear that we are technologically inferior and far less powerful than these more intelligent and more advanced beings, which makes us feel vulnerable and impotent.

There are those who believe that some ancient crystal skulls are crystalline consciousness of advanced beings that do not originate on Earth. Some believe that crystal skulls are some type of receiver, antenna or radio to allow us to receive and communicate information at higher levels of consciousness with those in higher dimensions. There are those who believe that beings from the Pleiades, among others, are trying to assist humanity and the Earth to avoid annihilation and self-destruction, and that crystal skulls are one of the tools for raising human consciousness and mass awakening on Earth before it is too late.

Crystal skulls are one of the many mysteries on Earth that we have yet to fully understand or explain. One of the world's experts on crystal skulls, the late F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, noted that many people who perform scrying with crystal skulls often report seeing UFO's within the skulls. And many people who are drawn to crystal skulls have also had experiences with UFO phenomena. At this time, we can only speculate regarding the ET connection to crystal skulls, but we are certain that the truth will one day be revealed... once and for all.

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Ancient Aliens : The Crystal Skulls

In October 2013, the History Channel aired a new episode of "Ancient Aliens" dedicated to Crystal Skulls, which they describe as follows:

"Otherworldly artifacts believed to harness the secrets of the universe. Are the Crystal Skulls part of an elaborate hoax? Or do they possess a great, perhaps even otherworldly power? The Crystal Skulls are some of the most controversial of ancient artifacts. While there have been literally hundreds of crystal skulls found throughout the world, according to legend, there are only thirteen which are believed to hold an awesome, mystical power whose secrets will be revealed when the skulls come together to form a global grid. Could this so-called "reunion of the skulls" awaken sacred knowledge of the gods? Knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years? And if so, will the Crystal Skulls reveal the truth about our extraterrestrial past, or offer us a glimpse into our future?"

See Full episode of Ancient Aliens : The Crystal Skulls or access all the Ancient Aliens episodes here....and for those outside the USA that may not be able to access the History Channel you will be able to see the episode here: Ancient Aliens Crystal Skull Video


13 Crystal Skulls

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