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Mitchell Hedges
Crystal Skull
Secrets Revealed

I really love my Nuummite crystal skull and hubby loves his...- most nights now I have dreams about my little family of crystal skulls.

I feel the crystal skulls pick up different energies - ancient energies - that ignites a dormant flame within us - dormant but not dead - I am not sure how it all ties in yet ( lol) but the skulls bring out an advanced part of our soul -

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Tibetan Bells

Tibetan Bell

Crystals respond and resonate with light and sound; this is especially true of crystal skulls. It is believed that sound plays a great role in activating crystal skulls, and in accessing the energy and wisdom that they contain.

Sound is also a key element in raising one's own vibration and attuning oneself to higher frequencies. For years, we have found that the best tools for clearing and programming crystals and crystal skulls are Tibetan bells.

Tibetan bells hold a very high spiritual resonance that is ideal for clearing energy from people and spaces, as well as clearing crystals and crystal skulls. They are also excellent for programming intention into crystals and crystal skulls and locking in the resonant frequency of that intention.

Tibetan Bells

We use Tibetan bells in most of our crystal skull ceremonies. Whenever we receive new crystal skulls, we ring the bells over them to clear unwanted energies, then we ring the bells over the crystal skulls while setting the intention that they serve the highest good of all who come in contact with them. We set intentions for peace, love, joy, prosperity, and wellbeing, and we use the bells to imprint the resonant vibrations and frequencies of those intentions into all the crystal skulls we offer. This is one of the reasons that people report feeling such wonderful energies from the crystal skulls they receive from us.

We are now able to offer these sensational Tibetan bells for you to benefit from. Use them to clear energy from people, places, or things; to clear your crystals and crystal skulls; to clear energy and negativity from your own body or in healing with others; to clear the mind in meditation. You can ring the bells to set intentions, programs and resonant energies in place within yourself or others, within a space, and within your crystals and crystal skulls. In healing, meditation or ceremony, you can strike the Tingshas or ring the Tibetan Bell to mark the commencement and/or the ending of the session.

Tingsha bells

Tibetan Tingsha Bells with symbols of the mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

Tingsha Measures approx 2.5" in diameter.

A Tingsha consists of two cymbals that are usually connected by a leather cord. You suspend the Tingsha by the cord and use one of the cymbals to strike the other cymbal's edge to produce sound. These Tibetan Tingshas are hand forged of a heavy weight bell metal, a compound of 5 metals similar to bronze creating very distinctive resonating sounds. When the cymbals are struck, the wonderful resonant tone is sustained for approximately 15-20 seconds, creating waves of sound and vibration that you can feel in your whole being.

These tones gently open the chakras, aligning and balancing energy fields within you and around you, and also within and around your crystal skull. These tones promote the frequency of sacred space and raise the vibration to the highest levels of consciousness.

2.5" Om Mani Padme Hum Tingsha Bells
Price $ 44
(S&H 8.95)
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Om Mani Padme Hum Tingsha Bells
Price $ 33 (S&H 8.95)
(same design as less detail)
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Tibetan 8 Auspicious Symbols

Tibetan Bells

In Buddhism, the 8 auspicious symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Buddha right after he attained enlightenment.

The 8 auspicious symbols are:
Conch Shell - the fame of Buddha's teachings
Precious Parasol - royalty and spiritual power
Victory Banner - victory of wisdom over ignorance
Golden Fishes - good fortune, fertility and salvation
Dharma Wheel - the teachings of the Buddha
Endless Knot - infinite wisdom of the Buddha
Lotus Flower - mental and spiritual purity
Treasure Vase - spiritual and material abundance

2.5" Eight Auspicious Symbols Tingsha Bells
Price $ 44
(S&H 8.95)
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2" Eight Auspicious Symbols Tingsha Bells
Price $ 33
(S&H 8.95)
(same design as less detail)
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Dragon Design Tingsha Bells

2.5" Dragon Tingsha Bells : Price $ 44 (S&H 8.95)
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2" Dragon Tingsha Bells : Price $ 33 (S&H 8.95)
(same design as less detail)
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Bell and Dorje

Bell measures approx 5" in Height & 2.5 " in diameter.

The Bell and Dorje are often used together in Tibetan Buddhism. The dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment' and the bell represents wisdom. In the Buddhist tradition, it is said that the bell is visualized as the body, the dorje is the mind, and the sound of the bell is regarded as the speech of the Buddha and is used to call the presence of Buddha and the Deities.

Dorje means an indestructible hardness and brilliance like a diamond, which cannot be cut or broken. The dorje symbolizes the impenetrable, immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible state of enlightenment.

Like church bells, the Buddhist hand bell sends the message to evil spirits that they must stay away from the consecrated area where the ritual is being performed.

Traditionally the dorje is held in the right hand, and symbolizes masculine yang power and the clear essence of reality that is the basis of everything. The feminine yin bell is held in the left hand as a representation of profound wisdom. When unified, they form a symbol of incorruptible purity that no force can destroy...the victory of wisdom over ignorance.

Bell & Dorje Set : Price $ 44 (S&H $12.95)

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Crystal Skull Ceremonial Wands

Magikal  Skull Wand

These magnificent and powerful crystal skull wands will amaze you at every turn displaying many magikal symbols and stones, even more than pictured. They are adorned with semi-precious stone cabuchons to align all the chakras: garnet, carnelian, citrine, malachite, lapis, amethyst and peridot.

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Classic Purple Velvet Pouch

#P-P-4-6 Purple Velvet Pouch
4 in. x 6 in.
Holds up to a half-pound lemon size crystal skull

Price $12 (S&H $1.95)
*Save 50%
  Sale Price $6
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Exotic Jaguar Fur Pouch

#P-JF-4-6 Jaguar Fur Pouch
4 in. x 6 in.
Holds up to a half-pound lemon size crystal skull

Price $12 (S&H $1.95)
*Save 50%  Sale Price $6
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Soft White Fur Fabric Pouch

#P-WF-5-7 White Fur Pouch
5 in. x 7 in.
Holds up to a one pound crystal skull
(ideal for a lemon size or orange size crystal skull)

Price $16 (S&H $1.95)
Save 50%
  Sale Price $8
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Decorated Premium Ivory Cut Velvet Pouch

#P-IB-5-7 Ivory Cut Velvet Pouch
5 in. x 7 in.
Holds up to half-pound lemon size crystal skull

Price $18 (S&H $1.95)
Save 50%  Sale Price $9
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Fancy Pink Plush Fur Pouch

#P-PF-6-9 Pink Plush Fur Pouch
6 in. x 9 in.
Holds up to a one pound crystal skull
(ideal for a lemon size or orange size crystal skull)

Price $12 (S&H $1.95)
Save 50%  Sale Price $6
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Economical Velvet Pouch

#P-V-4-5 Velvet Pouch
(Choose from Black, Blue, Burgundy, Red or Purple)
4 in. x 5 in.
Holds up to half-pound lemon size crystal skull

Price $ 10 each (S&H $1.95)
Save 50%   Sale Price $ 5.00

Black Velvet
Blue Velvet
Burgundy Velvet
Red Velvet
Purple Velvet
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Crystal Skull Light Boxes

Crystals emanate and respond to different frequencies of energy; light and color also emanate different frequencies of energy. It is theorized that light and sound are key components in activating the full power of crystal skulls, especially with regard to their healing properties. One thing is certain: light definitely evokes the beauty and enhances the experience of crystal skulls!

Enhance your crystal skull experience with light


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I absolutely love them [crystal skulls]. They assist me in my meditations and have brought me much more peace n happiness. Thank you and I look forward to hearing of more deals to acquire more precious n powerful skulls. ,(read more testimonials)
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