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WOW, your customer service is amazing, just like your crystal skulls! THANK YOU. I'm all set to rock and roll :) I will keep you posted on my spiritual journey, now with the support of my new "guides".
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Your skulls are great! Have a skull family of 14 now, including some adopted ones. The energies they give are leave you in awww!
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I received the skull a couple of days ago. it is exactly as described and I have very very happy with him. Thank you so much.
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Thank you for all the macig crystall skulls from you......... It brings me a lot of happines and luck in my life!
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Thank you again for such precious Beings, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE!!!
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Thank you for the most beautiful, radiate, sweet skull received this morning. much more than I could ever have imagined. This was my first skull purchased from you and Im over the moon...... thank you so much
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We received the empowered, energized and loved crystal skulls.
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Carved over 1500 years ago

Ancient crystal skulls are characterized by having a more primitive look and were hand carved over 1500 years ago.

The following are ancient crystal skulls listing specific details about each ancient crystal skull, like weight and presumed origin.



Size: 11.91 lbs / 5.4 kgs

Ancient crystal skull Mitchell-Hedges

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Belize

"Skull of Love"
Discovered in 1923 - Most famous for its detachable jawbone.

More info about "MH"

Photo Credit

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Sha Na Ra

Size: 13.12 lbs / 5.98 kgs

Shanara Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Mexico

Authentic - Primitive Looking Found in 1995 employing Psychic Archeology

More info on ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra

Photo Credit

See this photo enlarged



Size: 11 lbs / 4.99 kgs

ET crystal skull

Stone: Smoky Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

Features make it look like the skull of an extraterrestial (alien) being

More info

Photo Credit

See this photo enlarged



Size: 8.5 lbs / 3.86 kgs

Ami Crystal Skull

Stone: Amethyst

Origin: Mexico

"Amethyst Crystal Skull"
Was kept inside a vault before its recent anonymous acquisition (perhaps by a prominent celebrity).

More info

Photo Credit

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Size: 18 lbs / 8.17 kgs

Max Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

"Texas Crystal Skull"
Used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

More info about the ancient crystal skull Max

Photo Credit

See this photo enlarged



Size: 15.5 lbs / 7.03 kgs

Synergy Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Micronesia

It was made using a real human skull as a reference

More info about this ancient crystal skull - Synergy

Photo Credit

See this photo enlarged



Size: 33 lbs / 15 kgs

Stone: Milky Quartz

Origin: Mexico

"Skull of Consciousness"
Largest Ancient Crystal SKull

Read more about:
Einstein The Crystal Skull

Photo Credit



Mayan Skull

Size: 8.71 lbs / 3.95 kgs

Mayan crystal skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Honduras

"The Mayan Skull "
Whereabouts now unknown

More Info

Photo Credit

See this photo enlarged



Size: 4.41 lbs / 2.0 kgs

Mahasamatman Crystal Skull Sammie

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Brazil

"Sammie Girl"
An esoteric channel for information on the creation of the human species.

More info

Photo Credit

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More Rare Crystal Skulls


I received my petrified wood, Quartz and Pendulum skulls along with my Amar gem essence, as usual words cannot describe the power and awe of these guys, the auras are so bright and colorful I can hardly believe it.

My collection now consists of 59 skulls, a skull wand, a set of Tingsha Bells a pendulum and of course the essence, all from truly fantastic, I cannot give enough thanks and praise.

The Petrified wood works really well with my wand allowing me to handle earth and spirit energies with much more ease. My circle is beyond words as well and every skull I add to the mix adds to the N'th power the versatility and capabilities of my set.

The pendulum works but seems to work a little different from what I’m used to. Deciphering divinations is a bit cryptic at times but I get faster and more complete divine responses than with conventional pendulums. Truly mesmerizing.

All are extremely happy, full of love, generosity and even comedy, and simply gorgeous. I must say these guys are so full of personality I never tier of them. Very entertaining and very serious hard workers. I have requested a task assignment from my collection for the success of my newly acquired business. Sync they have started work in this request from me I have seen a notable amount of business success that I can only assume is a direct result of these guys workings.

BTW - The gem essence is, as expected, fantastic and works very well - an exhalant etheric and metaphysical sincere amplifier.

You never cease to amaze, it’s clear to me that no matter what, all the care within grasp is used in selecting, energizing and packaging these precious gifts. It is an honor and a privilege to me that I am a part of (however small it may be) such an awe inspiring legacy.

With love and generosity, thanks for everything and many blessings to everyone at including Amar and his clan.

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13 Crystal Skulls

ancient crystal skulls

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