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Are Crystal Skulls for Real?

Are there really "real crystal skulls"? The answer is absolutely, positively, undeniably YES. The real question is "What is a real crystal skull?".

The definition of a "real crystal skull" is a human skull shape that is typically carved out of rock crystal (also known as quartz crystal). Real crystal skulls can be handcarved or machine made, and can come in all sizes, from the size of a grape to a life-size crystal skull, or even larger than a human skull.

Real crystal skulls can also be made out of different kinds of crystals or minerals. However, throughout history, quartz is the most popular stone used to carve real crystal skulls. Perhaps this is because quartz crystal has inherent piezoelectric properties, making it ideal to store and transfer energy/information. This is why quartz is the "vibrating heart" of most telecommunication equipment, including modern computers. (see Quartz Crystal Skulls)

So what is the difference between a "real crystal skull" and a "fake crystal skull"? If a crystal skull is made out of glass or lead crystal, it is considered fake - even though one could legally use the term "crystal skull" the same way that crystal drinking glasses are referred to as "real crystal".

Another type of "fake crystal skull" is one that is made of reconstituted quartz crystal, which is a process that involves first crushing natural quartz into fine pieces, then melting it down into molten quartz glass. It is then poured into any desired shape molds and then finished using some traditional crystal skull polishing methods. These reconstituted crystal skulls are usually very clear and highly polished (and usually less expensive than "real" crystal skulls).

A real quartz crystal skull will usually have some degree of veils or inclusions, and may have some irising/rainbows. You need to look inside the crystal skull to see the natural formations that are elemental to real quartz. Having said this, there are real quartz crystal skulls that are completely clear - the larger and more clear they are, the more expensive they tend to be because they are more rare. A trained mineralogist should have no problem identifying a real crystal skull over a fake crystal skull.

Sometimes you may hear the term "fake crystal skull" in reference to a misclassification of age, as with the Smithsonian Crystal Skull that was originally thought to have been ancient or old, but tests revealed it to be a contemporary crystal skull, causing the present Smithsonian curator to call it a "fake" even though it is made of real quartz crystal - See how crystal skulls are classifiied / categorized.

What is real is that many ancient cultures all over the world have oral history and legends regarding crystal skulls and their power to affect humanity. On a metaphysical level, crystal skulls hold a very high energy vibration and are connected to each other energetically. It is possible to connect with the consciousness of these crystal skulls through a fake crystal skull, but it is infinitely more powerful and beneficial to connect with the crystal skull matrix with a real crystal skull of any size or age, especially an activated crystal skull


What constitutes a fake crystal skull?

The British Museum Skull is an amazing real quartz crystal skull, yet officially the museum sadly calls it a "fake". This is because "modern" tool marks were found on this crystal skull, meaning that it was carved and polished after the invention of the jewellers wheel, so it was not a pre-Columbian artifact, as originally speculated. However, this crystal skull has been in the collection of the British Museum for over 100 years, and is most definitely a genuine crystal skull.

What then constitutes a fake crystal skull?  If the definition were left up to the museums, we may have a distorted view.  In 1996, a collaborative program of authenticity studies was set up between the British Museum, the Smithsonian Institution and the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography at Kingston University, Surrey.  While this research came to the conclusion that both the British Museum Skull and the Smithsonian Crystal Skull were not 'old' enough to classify as Aztec crystal skulls, they have also officially omitted and refused to reveal the findings on two other crystal skulls present, Sha Na Ra and Max.  Surely if they could have de-bunked them they would have certainly would have done so, but something in the research must have proven so sensitive that even today they claim that no such research on these crystal skulls ever took place - even though there is a photo to prove without a doubt that it did take place.

When museums refer to a "fake" crystal skull, they are referring to whether it can be considered a pre-Columbian ancient artifact, or whether it was carved in the "modern era" within the last 500 years since Columbus arrived in the Americas. Crystal cannot be carbon-dated, so there is no way to determine the age of the crystal because all crystal is essentially ancient, having taken thousands or even millions of years to grow in nature. Therefore, the only way to determine the age of a crystal skull is to ascertain what kinds of tools were used to carve it, and whether the crystal skull shows signs of modern tools such as a rotary jewellers wheel. Quartz is particularly hard to carve, so it would have taken ancient societies years, decades or even generations to cut, carve and polish a crystal skull using primitive hand-held tools - these methods leave uneven tool marks embedded in the stone. Modern tools used for cutting and polishing stone leave more uniform and smoother tool marks. Museums and laboratories use high magnification Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) to examine the tool marks on the crystal to determine whether these markings are regular or irregular, and this determines whether they recognize a crystal skull as an ancient artifact, or as a modern "fake" carved within the last 500 years.


Other variations of 'fake' crystal skulls

Other variations of  'fake' crystal skulls exist.   Some say that "lab grown" quartz or "reconstituted quartz" that is essentially flawless is not considered "real", but because pure clear quartz is now virtually impossible to find, these substitutes have emerged more frequently, particularly for use in modern technoligical applications (perhaps the origin of the name "Silicon Valley"). Crystal skulls that are made of resin can be considered "fake", unless that resin is genuine amber; reconstituted amber consists of resin that contains genuine amber, so it still holds some of the energetic properties of amber. Other skulls made of resin or reconstituted quartz have been sandblasted and intentionally made to look old or primitive - many of these are claimed to be ancient and originating from places like Mongolia, but are mostly considered to be "fake". When people say that a crystal skull is ancient because is does not show ANY tool marks, this would indicate that it came from a mold (or that it is somehow extraterrestrial in origin) - unless a skull came out of a mold, it will show markings from either modern or ancient tools used to carve it into the shape of a skull. People should beware of the trend to use antiquing methods such as muds, patinas, oxidization or tarnished metals in order to make a crystal skull appear to be old or ancient - many unscrupulous sources are offering these "antiqued" skulls, some even call them ancient, but they are almost always modern fakes.

Then there are also issues regarding fake stones. Howlite is often dyed turquoise color to resemble turquoise, and is now often called turquoise because genuine turquoise is so expensive. The Chinese have also perfected ways of reconstituting or stabilizing turquoise and other stones - these still have some of the properties of the genuine stone; while they are not considered "natural", they are usually not considered "fake". Blue-green obsidian is often considered to be glass, yet natural obsidian is also a naturally forming glass that comes from volcanic ash melted at extremely high temperatures and cooled quickly - near Mt. Shasta, there is a place called Glass Mountain, which is an otherworldly landscape of natural obsidian deposits.

A newer 'fake' crystal skull

A newer 'fake' crystal skull, and one to truly beware of, is what some call "Chinese Nuummit" versus the genuine Nuummite from Greenland. Genuine Nuummite comes only from one mine near Nuuk, Greenland - this extraordinarily beautiful and powerful stone is considered one of the oldest and rarest stones on Earth at 3.8 million years old. Geologists believe that genuine Nuummite was part of the Earth's primordial crust that has been preserved under Greenland's ice, which is perhaps what gives it such tremendous transformative power. The extraordinary beauty of real Nuummite comes from ancient volcanic activity which gives it magnificent streaks of dramatic flash in blues, greens, golds, and rarely in red flash. These streaks of flash are elongated and look like fireworks, shooting stars or meteor showers in the night sky. However, "fake" Nuummite or Nuummit has little squares of peachy, coppery or orange flecks that really resemble granite used in countertops - this stone has very little energy, but because the demand for genuine Nuummite is so high, and since it is so rare and only comes from one location, cheaper alternatives have flooded the market and many people have unfortunately been buying and selling fake Nuummite because they don't know what real Nuummite looks like, but it cannot compare to the real thing in any way.


Energies of Real Crystal Skulls

Stones carved into the shape of a skull makes them all crystal skulls - it is just the degree of energy that differs. Some ancient crystal skulls have often experienced and witnessed horrific events in the past, and therefore are imprinted with traumatic energies that are not necessarily clean or positive to work with. Modern crystal skulls can absorb the energies of their carvers or the factories they come from, and unless they are cleansed, activated and energized, they may not offer the most beneficial energies either. Carvers say that consciousness becomes awakened in a crystal or stone the moment they carve the eyes, and the more you work with any crystal skull, the more activated, energized, conscious and beneficial its energy becomes. The key is to trust what you are truly guided to work with, and trust the source you get it from. So as long as you know what you have...and call it as it is...then continue gathering what calls you.


A Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR - "What is Real and What is Fake? "

What is fake and what is real? Whether anything is real or fake seems to have to do with value determinations, which are ultimately subjective. There is real fur and fake fur, real diamonds and fake diamonds, there are even real people and fake people, and some who have real body parts and fake body parts, real hair and fake hair, etc. All of this is based on what is considered valuable and desirable. One would only fake something because one desires to make it seem more valuable and desirable then it would naturally seem to be.

People make up stories about themselves to seem more valuable, important and desirable. People also make up stories about certain crystal skulls in order to make them more important, desirable and valuable - there are also those with a different agenda who make up stories about crystal skulls to make them LESS important, desirable and valuable. It really all depends on what your values are. People have different reasons for their different values, and these often change with time, such as fashion.

Intention is ultimately the key determination of actual value for each individual, and the purity of that intention determines the ultimate value of the experience. If someone is telling a story to intentionally defraud and perpetrate a fake, then they are tainting and devaluing the entire energetic experience, first and foremost, for themselves. However, anyone who finds value in anything, whether it is fake or real, will experience for themselves value from that thing. Whatever you focus your intent and energy on will become real to you, regardless of the value that it has for anyone else - unless you allow your values to be affected and determined by others.

A so-called fake crystal skull can have as much value for an individual as a real crystal skull - if that person believes in its value for them. However, fake crystal skulls must be imbued with energy and belief in order to have any real power, whereas real crystal skulls have intrinsic power and energy that they resonate, whether anyone believes in them or not. Real crystal skulls vibrate at a naturally higher frequency than fake crystal skulls - but this depends on what is considered real or fake. A man-made resin skull or glass skull can have very little energy. A new crystal skull carved of A Grade quartz can vibrate at a much higher frequency than an old crystal skull that has experienced abuse, because the new clear quartz has clean energy vibrating at a pure frequency.

What is real and what is fake is often determined by the ego, and a desire for a certain ego identity based on external values. Crystal skulls have no ego, and each crystal skull has value.

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Two beautiful pocket size ascension skulls arrived approx. May 22. They were to be gifts for my neighbor and her husband who are having numerous health problems etc. They did not know they were getting them - she was excited, he not so much. On Sunday, he took his skull in the pouch to work in his pocket next to the leg that is giving him terrible pain. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis very badly. That evening I get a call from my neighbor saying that her husband's pain in his leg is going away!

On Wednesday, my neighbor was to have blood work done. They haven't been able to get a vein for weeks! She takes her skull in the pouch in her purse and heads to the lab. The nurse hits the first vein, first try and draws numerous vials. She calls me and tells me this and says there is no mark or bruise and no pain as she usually gets. She is stunned. She comes home, thanks her skull and put him back on the windowsill and sleeps the whole afternoon very peacefully!

As the week progresses her husband's pain gets less and less. But on Friday, he dropped a 20 lb. box of steel bolts on his foot and mashes his big toe. She cleans up the mess and the toe is purple and black etc. and he is in a lot of pain. She puts him to bed and quietly slips his skull under his pillow. The next morning he comes down the stairs to her amazement and the toe is only slightly red and there is no pain. He goes to work, with the skull of course. That evening I got a call. She says there is nothing but a pink dot where the toe was mashed!
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Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly and for packaging it so carefully! - everything I received is amazing and awesome, and just as described on your website - I just love the feel of the natural stones and have made them a part of my daily life - I'm really looking forward to getting to know them better and adding to the collection I am sharing with my new grandson. Thanks for your excellent service! (read more testimonials)


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