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Locally and globally

A directory of major crystal skull events and conferences, and special crystal skull festivals involving ancient crystal skulls.
Featuring Crystal Skull Meditations.

Crystal Skull Events - World Conferences & Festivals


USA: Portland, OR: May 4-5, 2018
First time in Portland, Oregon and your chance to personally experinece the 'rock star' of crystal skulls: the wolrd famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Private Sessions also available. Contact or call/text 360-810-7255


USA : 2018
Max - The Crystal Skull - USA Tour: Experinece the ancient crystal skull MAX - See updates to Tour Calendar

Global Crystal Skull Events - Meditations

Even if there is not a crystal skull event in your area, you can still participate and connect through your crystal skull(s) to many others around the world. You can magnify an intention as you meditate with a larger group of people.

The most frequent crystal skull events involve meditating with your crystal skull at a pre-determined time. Some of the most regular crystal skull meditation events are:

Every Wednesday - by Jaap van Etten, PhD

At The Full Moon - Celebration of Light - with Tibetan Crystal Skull Amar - participate from anywhere!

World Peace Meditation Series - supported by who's who of the crystal skull world - On the 13th day of each month, at the 13th hour (1 PM) for 13 minutes,

Crystal Skull Events - Miscellaneous

Other crystal skull events with Synergy may appear here.
Other crystal skull events with Einstein may appear here.

Know of a Crystal Skull event not listed here? Contact us.


Past Significant Crystal Skull Events


World: May 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie

USA: History Channel "Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest" - 2 hour documentary. More details.

USA: Sci Fi Channel “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls” - includes an unprecedented expedition into the jungles of Belize to track down the missing skulls. It’s a quest worthy of Indiana Jones himself and one that tries to unlock the knowledge about humanity’s imminent destiny. Read more about this Crystal Skull TV Show Documentary

Continuing the propaganda of misinformation on the crystal skulls and capitalization on the Indian Jones Movie, The Smithsonian launches: The Legend of the Crystal Skulls on DVD

UK: Marlborough, Wiltshire: Aug. 9-10 "Keeper of the Crystal Skulls" with Dee Banton, crystal energy specialist.

USA: Sedona, Sept. 26-28 "The Journey of the Crystal Skull Guardians" With the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and Synergy.

UK: Glastonbury, UK: Sep 27th : Crystal Skull Conference includes lectures by Joshua Shapiro, Sue Kitts, White Elk Woman & will feature many crystal skulls.

DVD RELEASE - as of OCTOBER 14, 2008

Belgium: Lommel in de Soeverein, Oct. 18-19: "The First Crystal Skull Festival in Belgium"

UK: Edinburgh, Nov. 1-2: "The MitchellHedges skull: a new understanding" hosted by the Sauniere Society Conference

UK: Edinburgh, Nov. 22-23: "Histories & Mysteries Conference" featuring teh Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

USA: Dec 19, 2008: New DVD release "Echoes from the Ages: Talking Story with the Crystal Skulls" about working with and using crystal skulls - and featuring stories & insights by some of the leading names in the crystal skulls field.

USA - Florida: Jan 22, 2009 : The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull will be in Boynton Beach, Florida. For further information and online ticket purchase, visit

CANADA - Victoria, BC: April 23, 25-26, 2009:
Experience the Ancient Crystal Skull Sha Na Ra and the Light Labyrinth. Click here for more details

France, 3éme Festival des Crânes de Cristal, June 5-7, 2009: Synergy , Mitchell-Hedges Skull, and many other crystal skulls together for the first time in Europe. Details at

UK - Addington, Kent June 14-15, 2009: Crystal Skull Conference (UK). Learn about crystals. Featuring Jushua Shapiro, White Elk Woman, Sue Kitts and more.

USA - Phoenix (Tempe), Arizona , September 08-10, 2009 - 090909 : Largest Gathering of Ancient Crystal Skulls Yet:
World Mysteries Conference: 2012 Mayan Prophesies - The Awakening.


MEXICO - Mexico City, October 2-6, 2009: Prophecies of the Crystal Skulls, includes presentations by Hunbatz Men, Joshua Shapiro, Jaap Van Etten, and more. The main conference is Oct 3 & 4 but a limited number of people will be able to join the extended conference that visits Mexican-Mayan ceremonial sites.
Get more info at their main website and more detailed schedule at Kimberlee Schultz's webpage who will likely be a presenter - revealing fascinating new information.

UK - Avebury, Wiltshire, November 07, 2009:
Crystal Skulls and the Carving of Crystal Skulls. Presented by Brazilian master carver Leandro.

MEXICO - Yucatán, March 18 - April 2, 2010: MAYAN CRYSTAL SKULL CONFERENCE AND JOURNEY. Bringing Healing & Hope to Humankind and Mother

PERU - Power Spots, May 13 - 25, 2010: CRYSTAL SKULL - UFO TOUR OF PERU. Offered by Crystal Interdimensional Journeys and Explorations -- led by crystal skull explorer Joshua Shapiro


USA - New York City, NY, October 9-11, 2010:
101010 Event "The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls" featuring significant and ancient crystal skulls. See Highlights

USA - Phoenix (Tempe), Arizona , October 9-11, 2010:
101010 Crystal Skulls Gathering "2012 and the Mayan Prophecies"

Hungary - Budapest , October 8-11, 2010:
101010 European Gathering "Meeting of the International Crystal Skulls"

UK: Kent, UK: Nov 5-7, 2010 :
A magical experience awaits you at the "Crystal Skull Conference & Retreat 2010".

Netherlands - Maarssen, Holland: March 12-13, 2011: Bringing together Joshua Shapiro, Jaap Van Etten, featuring Synergy and others: The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls

USA, Nevada City, CA: April 20-24, 2011: Land of the Eagle USA Gatherings 2011- 6 authentic crystal skulls, including Sha Na Ra , Einstein, Madre & AMAR take part in the ceremonies by the Q'ero Elders (the last Incas of the Andes) of Peru; sponsored by the Q'ero Foundation. To register, please email:

Germany, Stuttgart, April 30, 2011: Das Tor zu der 13 Kristallschadeln - Gathering of European organized by IKA International

Canada: Vancouver, June 2-6. 2011: featuring On June 4th a Crystal Skull Conclave

USA: Portland, June 4th, 2011:
"The Manifestations of the Mayan 2012 Prophecies & the Transition to the 'Higher Dimension" A day lecture by historian Raymond Tarpey in association with the Edgar Cayce Association.

France, 4éme Festival des Crânes de Cristal, June 10-12, 2011: Synergy , Rainbow and other crystal skulls together in what is probably Europe's grandest Crystal Skull Event. Details at

UK: August 27th - 30th, 2011:

Crystal Skull Retreat 2011 Organised by White Elk Woman - creator of the Crystal Skull Message Cards. All inclusive retreat & conference, with speakers, sound temple, journeying, ceremony, private sessions, mini workshops, vegetarian meals and more
Only 50 places, so reserve your place today

USA: Network TV. Septeber 4, 2011: Movie Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on NBC - Labor Day Weekend

USA: California Sep-Oct 2011: Land of the Eagle—USA Gatherings 2011 Join significant Crystal Skulls such as Rainbow, Madre, AMAR and Cana Ixim as they participate in ceremonies with the Q'eros (the bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the Inka) culminating in the Indigenous People Day Gathering in Nevada City.

USA: New York to Los Angeles Oct 26 - Nov 9, 2011: Sacred Pilgrimage Journey as Crystal Skulls Journey Across America

USA: Los Angeles, November 11-13, 2011:
111111 The Gateway Event: "Sacred Crystal Skulls - Gifts of the Gods : Mayan Prophecies and the Truth about 2012" ; the granddaddy of all events featuring the most significant crystal skulls on earth. See Highlights

111111 Crystal Skull Event

Click here for more info


USA: Los Angeles, November 13, 2011:
Mayan Prophecies: with Mayan Shaman Hubatzmen - this seminar will also include the messages of the crystal skullsand is part of the 11.11.11. Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Gateway event in Los Angeles, but it requires separate admission. For Tickets/info contact GABRIEL ROMERO or email

Peru: Machu Picchu & Land of the Q'eros, Spring, 2011:
This could be your last chance to visit this this Power Place - Journey to the Andes sharing Sacred Space with the Elders of the Q'ero Nation For program information, contact

USA: California, Sep 2012: Land of the Eagle—USA Gatherings 2012 Join significant Crystal Skulls such as Rainbow and Madre as they participate in ceremonies with the Q'eros (the bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the Inka)

USA: Hot Springs, Arkansas, Oct 12-14: Crystal & Crystal Skull Festival. A festival dedicated to celebrating the energy of crystal and crystal skulls.

World: Internet, December 1 & 2:
Kick off December 2012 with this online Crystal Skull Conference hosted by Joshua Shapiro (To see the recordings - or purchase the rights to view go to: )

USA: Miami, December 12, 2012:
121212 Return to Atlantis: The culmination of the 999, 101010, and 111111 crystal skull events - this is bound to be a significant crystal skull event in collaboration with the History Museum of Miami and Royal Carribean Cruise Lines, Click here for more details

USA: Arkansas, December 12, 2012:

Experience the Crystal Vortex along with the ancient crystal skull MAX.

USA: San Diego, December 12, 2012:
12.12.12: THE BIG BANG - 12 hours of continual drumming, chanting & prayer for continual drumming, chanting & prayer for World Peace, personal and planetary heaking and awakening. Featuring Zaba, the 96 pound mega crystal skull. Drop in or stay for the duration.

FRANCE : December 12, 2012
You are invited to come and meditate for Peace, Life, and Awakening of Humanity on Earth. More details at

WORLD : December 12, 2012
Gateway to 2013 with 2012 Anchor Crystal Skulls : 12-12-12 marks the opening of a gateway to a new dimension of reality that unfolds as we cross the threshold beyond December 21, 2012.Click Here for Special 12.12.12 crystal skulls


World: Internet, March 9 &10, 2013 :
"Crystal Skulls into 2013 and Beyond" is the first major event in 2013. This online Crystal Skull Conference hosted by Joshua Shapiro focuses on new information for Crystal Skull Guardians. Click here to see scheduled speakers and topics.


USA: Ojai, CA - April 24-28, 2013
Eagle meets the Condor : The Hopi meet The Q'eros, the bloodline descendants of the ancient Incas of Macchu Pichu. Joined by the Crystal Skull "Rainbow".Contact the International Q'eros Foundation for complete Spring Tour date in April 2013


Mexico: Mexico City - June 04 -June 09, 2013
The Mysteries of Mexico City : Crystal Skulls and UFOs. The tour will visit Teotihuacan, Villa de Guadalupe, Tenayuca, Cuicuilco, Anthropology Museum / Museo Nacional de Antropología. Jaime Maussan's (Mexico Top UFO expert) Television Studio and the private House (Cave) of Diego Rosales (guardian of several significant crystal skulls). Contact:

USA/Canada: Oct 07 / Oct 25, 2013
Crystal Skulls on History Channel ... Ancient Aliens (Brand new show ... see Synergy, Einstein .... Amar and more...)

Luminous relics in the shape of human skulls. Otherworldly artifacts believed to harness the secrets of the universe. Are the Crystal Skulls part of an elaborate hoax? Or do they possess a great, perhaps even otherworldly power? The Crystal Skulls are some of the most controversial of ancient artifacts. While there have been literally hundreds of crystal skulls found throughout the world, according to legend, there are only thirteen which are believed to hold an awesome, mystical power whose secrets will be revealed when the skulls come together to form a global grid. Could this so-called "reunion of the skulls" awaken sacred knowledge of the gods? Knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years? And if so, will the Crystal Skulls reveal the truth about our extraterrestrial past, or offer us a glimpse into our future? See Full episode of Ancient Aliens : The Crystal Skulls or access the Ancient Alien episodes here....and for those outside the USA that may not be able to access the History Channel you will be able to see the eposide here: Ancient Aliens Crystal Skull Video or Own it for under $2

USA: New Mexico July 17-20, 2014
Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men speaks at the High Mesa Healing Center on the "Origin of the Mayan People", "Social System of the Mayan People", "Sacred Geometry", "Sacred Ceremony and Crystal Skulls", and "Yoga and Mantras".  Contact HMHC

USA: San Francisco, August 16, 2014
A Mid-Summer Day's Dream: Presenting the MAGIC of The Light Labyrinth, Holotope, & Sha Na Ra, the Ancient Crystal Skull More details via email

USA: California, September 2014: "Land of the Eagle—USA Gatherings 2014" A month of ancient ceremonies will be made available in California as GRANDFATHER DON HUMBERTO SONCCO QUISPE, High Priest and Paco of the Q'eros (the bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the Inka), returns for The Land of the Eagle Gatherings.

USA: South Dakota, September 4-7: "The Sacred Hoop of Compassion" 13 Grandmothers (including crystal skull guardian Grandmother Floredemayo) from diverse indigenous tribes united with the aim of sharing their wisdom in the hopes to seed seven generations forward. This could be the last gathering of the 13 Grandmothers.

UK: London, September 17, 2014
Gallery Talk : The mysteries of the crystal skull by Claudia Zehrt and Gail Hammond, University College London. Free at the British Museum (featuring the BM skull)

USA: New York, November 1, 2014: Crystal Skull Workshop : unique perspectives, and techniques used to practice divination, meditation and dream work with crystal skulls. More Info


WORLD: Nov22, 2014
Crystal Skull World Day : Uniting crystal skull guardians around the world towards a common goal of Peace and Harmony. 5 Minute World-Wide Meditation on November 22, 2014 - local time to match up with 1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM, London, UK (GMT); 5 AM Sydney, Australia (there are also some secondary link up times that may be more convenient for certain time zones).  Activities to be sheduled in many countries.  See official website for details & special offer for participants


USA: Los Angeles, CA : Mar 27-29, 2015
At the end of March, MAX the Crystal Skull will be in Los Angeles for a very special event in conjunction with John J. Oliver - one of the most profound spiritual teachers you may find. More Details


Australia: Country Tour May 1st - May 25, 2015
Crystal Skull Connection Tour with Joshua Shapiro


USA: Denver, CO May 29-31, 2015
Earth-Keeper 2015 Star-Gate : a gathering of stellar speakers with special guests, Joanne Parks (MAX) and Michele Nocerino (Sha Na RA)...more details

USA: Michigan, June 20-21: Crystal Skull Solstice Event
Taking place in Kuyuichi Kanchay Wasi (Rainbow Light House), this 2 day event includes teachings of the Mayans as welll as "Peruvian Ceremonial Practices" . Several events, including getting to meet the Sacred Mayan Crystal Skull "IXCHEL"

USA: Arkansas, November 20-23, 2015:
Experience the Crystal Vortex along with the ancient crystal skulls MAX and Sha Na Ra

WORLD: Nov22, 2015
Crystal Skull World Day : Uniting crystal skull guardians around the world towards a common goal of Peace and Harmony.  Activities to be sheduled in many countries.  See official website for details & special offer for participants

USA: Indiana, March 19, 2016
Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull on display - one day only - recap


CANADA: Toronto, May 6-8, 2016
GATHERING OF CRYSTAL LIGHT SOULS will also present the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra. Private Sessions available.


UK : Greenfield, June 17-19, 2016
CRYSTAL MINFULNESS: Judy Hall, author of the CRYSTAL BIBLE series, shares a wealth of knowledge and introduces her newest book: "Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment" in a one day Exploring Crystal Skull and Star Beings Workshop


USA: Seattle Area, June 24 - July 3, 2016
Crystal Skull Summer Tour 2016, Pacific Northwest
featuring the Mitchell-Hedges (MH) Crystal Skull & Bill Homann
with the Crystal Skull Explorers (your coordinators)

USA: Indiana, Sept 17-18, 2016
The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is scheduled to appear on display and with lectures by its caretaker, Bill Homann, at Historic Camp Chesterfield's SPIRIT FEST 2016


USA: California, September 2016: "Land of the Eagle—USA Gatherings 2016" Ancient ceremonies will be made available in California as GRANDFATHER DON HUMBERTO SONCCO QUISPE, High Priest and Paco of the Q'eros (the bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the Inka), returns for The Land of the Eagle Gatherings, perhaps for the final time.

WORLD: Nov 20, 2016
Crystal Skull World Day : Uniting crystal skull guardians around the world towards a common goal of Peace and Harmony.  Activities to be sheduled in many countries.  See official website for details & special offer for participants

Portland: Mar 24-26, 2017
SHA NA RA the Ancient Crystal Skull is coming to the Pacific Northwest for Private Sessions and Group Presentations. Contact or 360-810-7255

Portland: July 6-8, 2017
SHA NA RA the Ancient Crystal Skull is returning to the Pacific Northwest for Private Sessions and Group Presentations. Contact or call/text 360-810-7255


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