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with Lester Holt
NBC's Peacock Productions in association with SCI FI

Premieres Sunday, May 18th at 9:00PM
(Check Sci Fi Channel for more listing details)
(IN CANADA Check the Discovery Channel for more details)

The TV show "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" is a real life introduction to the crystal skull phenomenon leading up to the Indiana Jones movie: "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is this summer's most-anticipated movie and SCI FI feeds the Indy frenzy with the real story of and search for the legendary crystal Skulls. Glimmers of ancient civilizations and lost worlds have forever intrigued and tantalized but few ancient mysteries generate quite the fervor of the Crystal Skulls: 13 quartz crystal human skulls, now scattered to the four winds, discovered amid ruins of Mayan and Aztec societies. Legend tells us that should they ever be united, they may unleash untold energy, revealing secrets vital to the survival of humankind.

In the new special Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, SCI FI and host Lester Holt (NBC News/Weekend Today) explore the history of the Crystal Skulls: the myths, the legends, the controversies and the scientific tests performed behind closed doors. It digs even deeper for the truth with new lab tests, as well an expedition into the jungles of Belize to track down the missing skulls, a quest worthy of Indiana Jones himself. The special is produced by NBC's Peacock Productions in association with SCI FI.

SCI FI will exclusively air all three previous Indiana Jones movies (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Los Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) on May 18th leading into the premiere of Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

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The show will feature Bill Homann, the present caretaker of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull

“The documentary explores the true history of the legendary relics, unearthing the myths, legends and controversies that surround them. Could the skulls be ancient Mayan prophecies of doom or relics from the Lost City of Atlantis? Or do they, as some believe, store the vast knowledge of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization. To try to answer these questions, Sci Fi has launched an unprecedented expedition into the jungles of Belize to track down the missing skulls. It’s a quest worthy of Indiana Jones himself and one that tries to unlock the knowledge about humanity’s imminent destiny.

Holt follows in the footsteps of British explorer and adventurer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, an inspiration for the fictional Indiana Jones character, whose daughter discovered the first ancient crystal skull in the 1920s in the Mayan ruin of Lubaantun. Bill Homann, a modern-day adventurer and caretaker of the Mitchell-Hedges’ skull, joins Lester on the quest that takes them through the treacherous jungles of Belize and in the rough waters off the Honduran coast.

Together, with clues that Homann obtained from Mitchell-Hedges’ daughter and local Mayans, they go in search of another missing skull while surviving bat-ridden caves and alligator infested rivers. Along the way, they come across amazing discoveries including a hidden Mayan temple that could house more treasures.

Granted access to newly performed lab tests on several skulls, the show will examine the results to unlock these mysteries and find out how these skulls could have been made and what powers they may possess. The special, shot in HD, is produced by NBC’s Peacock Productions in association with Sci Fi.”

- Courtesy of Sci Fi Channel -


Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, authors of The Mystery of the Crystal Skull (book) will also be sharing their expertise in the 2-hour documentary on the crystal skulls.

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Secrets of crystal skulls revealed, including ancient crystal skulls, 13 crystal skulls, mayan crystal skull. Featuring the Sci Fi TV show NBC documentary MYSTERY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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