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Auralite 23   Rare


Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Quartz  Rare



Chevron Amethyst

Chrysocolla  Rare


Cryolite   Rare

Emerald   Rare



Golden Obsidian


Green Tourmaline


Himalayan Quartz


Isua   Rare





Lapis Lazuli

Larimar   Rare


Libyan Desert Glass


Meteorite Rare

Moldavite Rare


Nuummite   Rare



Opal  Rare



Quartz Cluster

Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Obsidian

Red Nuummite   Rare



Rose Quartz

Rubellite Tourmaline

Ruby  Rare

Ruby Zoisite

Selenite  Rare

Seraphinite  Rare

Shungite  Rare

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Smoky Quartz


Star Rose Quartz

Stichtite Rare


Tiger Eye

Tiger Iron



Zebra Jasper


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Amar Energized

Cana Ixim Energized

ET Energized

Q'ero Energized

Sha Na Ra Energized

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We received our crystal skulls sooner than expected! I couldn't wait to open the shipping box, but resisted the temptation til my partner came home from work, as we had ordered the skulls together. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting excitedly for Christmas morning to arrive...

Not only did we receive our Skulls earlier than anticipated, but they arrived in perfect condition thanks to the sturdy shipping box you used, and the careful way you bubble wrapped each skull individually. Your shipping staff does a great job! Thank you!

So, when she finally arrived home, one by one, we started unwrapping our Skulls. I still felt like a kid on Christmas morning: a pleasant and unusual experience for a hardworking, responsible 58 year old like me..

We must have spent at least an hour, if not much more, admiring each Skull, and readingabout the properties of them on the handy Crystal & Stone Keyword List you sent us.

(Thanks so much for that, too!)

But that's not all: you sent us a wonderful gift too—a Lapis Lazuli Skull bead. I amwearing it around my neck now, as a magical compliment to the very mystical Mother and Child, and the Black Madonna, medallions which I wear every day for protection and comfort and good fortune.

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This was a gift. A peace offering of sorts for a woman I've had a rocky relationship with. I thought that she would enjoy the healing properties of this skull. I love it so much it's way better than expected and now I want one! She enjoys it very much as well! Great for gifts for skull lovers! Up until now she has only been into skull shoes and metal jewelry. Thanks so much!

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The service (by way of regular email updates) gave me great assurance that the customer experience is very important to CrystalSkulls.

The skull that arrived is beautiful and is going to be a greatly enjoyed Christmas gift for my loved one....thank you

(read more testimonials)


My miniature skull arrived sooner than expected. It was a gift to myself for my 81st birthday which isn't until February 7th. But I'm carrying it with me anyhow because it helps calm me during these energetic times.
(read more testimonials)


I was more than pleased with the prompt proccessing of my order and the quality of my skulls when they arrived.

I was like a kid at Christmas! So excited!!

I also recieved a free gift, which was an absolute delight. I am very grateful.

Thank you for making this service available and having such a user friendly website full of great info.

(read more testimonials)


I love what you are offering and currently have a lemon sized skull that was purchaced from you and gifted to me. I hope to have many years to collect skulls, and your business suits my needs!
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Gifts to inspire and empower yourself and others

Important USA Shipping cut-off dates:
Dec 10
, Dec 15, Dec 25

Click Here to see Great Gift Ideas to order before December 10

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Received my order today. The skulls are beautiful. My grandson will enjoy his Xmas gift. (read more testimonials)



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Orders over $250 also get a mini CRYSTAL SKULL PENDANT

Orders over $500 automatically receive all of the free gifts above, PLUS a mystery crystal skull gift

Any Crystal Skull ordered gets Free ebook:

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Crystal Skulls
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As you may know, each crystal skull is activated and energized before it is shipped, and quick delivery is not usually an option. Please be aware of the following guidelines for holiday shipping:


Crystal Skulls Make a Gift of a Lifetime

Order before December 10:
Crystal skulls are highly sought-after as people all over the world are becoming aware of their transformative power. Children are particularly fascinated and enthralled by the energies of crystal skulls. Giving a crystal skull is a gift that can benefit friends and loved ones for a lifetime.

Most crystal skulls should be ordered by December 11th for arrival by Christmas. Check out our complete selection of crystal skulls energized by the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull Cana Ixim.

See also our specially valued Holiday Crystal Skulls

These are Some of our Best Recommendations:

Unique Gifts : items that you won't find anywhere else...

Q'ero Light Infused Crystal Skulls: Special Light Encoded Crystal Skull Pendants that received the ancient Karpay ceremonies of the Q'ero of Peru (the last living descendants of the High Priests of Machu Picchu). Hang them on your altar space, or wear them to raise your frequency from these powerful ancient light transmissions. We also have several sizes of gorgeous ultra-clear Ascension quartz crystal skulls that were energized with the Q'ero in Mt Shasta as a special Solar Reunion gathering.

Real Nuummite Crystal Skulls : the oldest and rarest stone on Earth, genuine Nuummite from Greenland, with exquisitely beautiful flash. Nuummite Crystal Skulls are the most powerful and transformative skulls we have ever encountered. Give the Gift of Transformation. We have beautiful Nuummite crystal skull pendants, powerful Nuummite advisor crystal skull pendulums, and a few Nuummite 12 Crystal Skulls Sets that will powerfly amplify the energies of anything near them.

Largest Selection of Crystal Skull Jewelry : Exclusively made for with real crystal skulls. Stunning designer crystal skull jewelry for men and women that will empower and protect you all day long, while also providing healing, calming, and guiding energies. (Including leather cuffs, sterling silver bracelets, or striking accent pieces with a variety of semi-precious stones)

Light boxes : We searched everywhere for the best light boxes to enhance crystal skulls - and we found them! These offer the most functions, with high quality bright LED lights that offer a full spectrum of color options, including white lights. Dim, fade, rotate or hold any color at the touch of a button! Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate large or small skulls (or other decorative items like skull bottles).

Protection & Manifestation Kit : Includes 4 quartz crystal skulls with instructions to create grids for attraction, manifestation and protection. Crystal Skull Protection & Manifestation Kit comes with black velvet gift pouch.

Sha Na Ra Energized Crystal Skulls : Only a few remain of these crystal skulls energized by the Ancient Crystal Skull Sha Na Ra, including beautiful pendants in amethyst, citrine, quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz & rutilated quartz

ET Energized Crystal Skulls : by special request from the Joky Van Dieten family, a group of Ancient ET-energized crystal skulls were activated with their 10 world-famous crystal skulls, including the Ancient Crystal Skull ET. These are the only crystal skulls available in the world that have been energized with the powerful Ancient Crystal Skull ET, which has been studied and verified as being truly ancient, and which Mayan Elders recognized as their long-lost crystal skull from the Pleiades.

12 Crystal Skull Sets : Energize yourself and amplify your crystal skulls with 12 crystal skull sets that come in a presentation gift box. Experience the power of 12!

Collector Crystal Skulls : One-of-a-kind and rare crystal skull offerings, including skulls in Sugilite, Seraphinite, Amber, genuine Emerald, real Ruby, Moldavite & Meteorite skulls, Lybian Gold Tektite, Morganite, Charoite, Larimar, Auralite, genuine Turquoise, Aquamarine, Atlantisite (Stichtite & Serpentine), Watermelon Tourmaline, ultra-rare Isua Stone from Greenland (4 billion years old, the oldest remaining pieces of the Earth's primordial crust), and many more stunning and ultra-rare crystal skulls to delight any collector - in all price ranges starting at $75.

Ascension Crystal Skulls : These are the purest, nearly flawless Grade A ultra-clear quartz Ascension Crystal Skulls that hold light and open gateways to higher realms.

DVD & CD Meditation : F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, considered the grandfather of crystal skull research, shares profound insight and guidance about crystal skulls with a Guided Meditation CD and Double DVD to learn from the master!

Stocking Stuffers : items priced to introduce others to the crystal skulls

Pocket Crystal Skull : plant a seed of inspiration to carry at all times - an energized pocket quartz crystal skull for $20 hand carved in Brazil from pure Brazilian Quartz

Crystal Skull Pendant : including classic crystal skull pendants (available in over 40 different stones, starting at $20), a Seven Chakra crystal skull pendant set which offers a different crystal skull for every day of the week, or something from our exclusive Designer Crystal Skull Jewelry (Including leather cuffs, sterling silver bracelets, or striking accent pieces with various semi-precious stones)


Great Ideas : items that are cherished and appreciated by many

Advisor Crystal Skull Pendulums : An ancient tool, these Crystal Skull Advisors allow your crystal skulls to speak to you directly, giving you immediate answers and guidance anywhere, at any time.

AMAR Gem Essences : Raise your frequency with just a few drops! Created for us by a Medicine Woman - Use these Crystal Skull Essences on yourself or on your crystal skulls.

Ceremonial Tools: A selection of Tibetan Bells and more ceremonial tools to support and enhance your experience with your crystal skulls.

Pouches : A variety of sizes, colors and styles of protective pouches and gorgeous gift pouches for crystal skulls and other items.

Detachable-Jaw Crystal Skulls : Also called singing crystal skulls because of the movable jaw - these hard to find skulls with detachable jaws are available in black obsidian.


Still need help ... check out these other guides:

Crystal Skull Healing Guide : Crystal skulls carved from different stones can serve as powerful tools in your crystal skull collection. See how each stone can support and assist you with specific physical, emotional and spiritual issues and conditions with this online Healing Stone Guide

Best Selling : Click here for some of our Best Selling items



See also our special Holiday Sale
up to 70% off large crystal skulls



Select Gift items
to please any crystal skull enthusiast

Order by December 15 to arrive in time for USA Christmas:

Rare Crystal Skulls : One-of-a-kind and rare crystal skull offerings mostly qualify for express Christmas delivery.

Life Size Crystal Skulls: By special arrangement we can energize and ship these life-size crystal skulls to you in time for Christmas.


Rarest and Oldest Stone on Earth
Large Nuummite Crystal Skulls

Click Here to See the
Largest Nuummite Crystal Skulls available in the World


*Limited quantities



Last Minute Gifts

Can be ordered up to December 25:

Meditations: Whether you select one special meditation, or the complete offerings, these Crystal Skull Meditations optimize one's relationship with crystal skulls, and provide guidance and support for healing oneself and others, and for connecting with the ancient crystal skulls.

Thank you for your support and considering as your source for the best gifts for others... and also for yourself!


My skull arrived in time for the gifting event. I was impressed with the quality and it was well received by the giftee. If I am ever in need of another crystal skull, I will order from you. Thank you
(read more testimonials)


I have received the skull! I gave it as a gift, It was such a success at bringing joy to the individual I gifted it to that  her daughters where envious. I will be buying 2 more for her daughters for Christmas! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
(read more testimonials)


Thank you so much for the quick delivery of my order! I'm sure my husband will love it when he opens it Christmas Day.   Best wishes to you all! Thanks again, (read more testimonials)
the BEST selection of

small new crystal skull mid-size crystal skull Large Crystal Skulls

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