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Damian Quinn is the industry's leader in new hand-carved Brazilian crystal skulls, especially magnificent life-size crystal skulls. Although his trading company deals with wholesale accounts specifically, you can have access to some of Damian Quinn's crystal skulls here: See new crystal skulls.

CS: Describe your first encounter with crystal skulls?

DQ: When I started my company in 1984, I wanted to create new products not already being carved down here in Brasil. One night I had a dream about finding a crystal skull in the middle of a creek on our farm in Colombia. Immediately I intuited this would be a unique product that could be used as a true "talisman".... although at its inception I still had not made contact with any groups who could use skulls (like Harley Swift Deer's Metis Medicine Society......part of the Cherokee Indians).

I found the creek dream motif especially significant because earlier I had a very powerful dream in which my paternal grandmother showed me a green stone in the creek. The next day I went down to the creek and found a transparent green stone........months later she passed away and left me her emerald ring. In the dream after I picked the stone out of the water, we ran through a dense forest chased by skull-like wraiths up in the trees.


CS: How long have you been associated with crystal skulls and what is your involvement with them now?

DQ: 24 years now............I am basically a channel or conduit providing quartz crystal skulls to people all over the world who generally use them in healing and meditation.


CS: How much time does it take to carve a crystal skull?

DQ: It usually takes about two weeks to fashion a human size crystal skull...........and 2-5 days to make an orange size skull. This involves sawing the rock, pre-forming the shape, detailing, and various stages of polishing.


CS: What stones are your favorites for crystal skulls and why?

DQ: In order of popularity we use clear quartz, in good commercial quality, great when there is irising (rainbows).......yellow citrine quartz..........medium brown smoky quartz.........purple amethyst (usually not transparent).......pink rose quartz............rutilated quartz with golden or silver needle inclusions of rutile........... opaque blue sodalite...........green aventurine quartz...........opaque white dolomite and reddish brown dolomite..........sometime black tourmaline (in smaller sizes)...........and rarely opaque dark red garnet (we have made garnet skulls with 6-rayed stars on top).


CS: Is there a difference between crystal skulls from Brazil versus crystal skulls from Asia?

DQ: My clients and outlets (healers and collectors) generally feel a difference in the energy emanating from the Brasilian skulls, as opposed to the mass production line feeling from the Chinese skulls. I have always attributed this to the fact that, in my case, I pay a fair price to my carvers who in turn pass on this to their workers and polishers, and therefore they infuse positive vibes into the rocks they use and the resulting skulls. This is not to bemean skulls carved outside of Brasil.......and likewise here in Brasil there are firms that pay unfair prices to their carvers.

CS: Do you ever name your crystal skulls and can you recognize the skulls that your carvers have made over the years?

DQ: Recently we have begun naming larger or more important skulls, and our customers like this. Yes we can recognize skulls we have made over the years, by our different carvers who are always evolving their craft.


CS: What is the one question you would have liked to been asked?

DQ: Do I really believe the legend(s) about the 13 ancient skulls that supposedly came from the Pleiades star system 300,000 years ago, to be scattered and lost in different locations on our planet...........that when eventually dug up and reunited in a medicine wheel (circle) can act as some kind of time/space vehicle?

I once paid 5 bucks to Anna Mitchell Hedges to sit down for ten minutes and meditate with her famous skull (found in Belize). That night I dreamt of digging up a crystal skeleton sans skull.

Damian Quinn interviewed for www.crystalskulls.com - April 2008

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