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Mayan Crystal Skull

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These books have given me confirmation of a knowing that I have had my whole life. With this confirmation, I NOW FEEL, for the first time in my life, a sense of inner peace and overwhelming joy and LOVE, that one day I will be reunited with my Star Family.

Since I was a child, right up until I read these books, I have felt a sense of intense loneliness, like I was dropped off the Mother Ship and no-one noticed I was gone. I would look up at the sky/stars begging for them to come and get me; as I did never felt like I "belonged on this planet". It felt too hostile and nothing at all like what I believed my Being was supposed to be living. I love Mother Earth and all of her children (I just do not like what they do); yet it somehow never truly felt like I was "in my homeland".

So, as you can see, I now have a wonderful understanding of what truly happened and I will wait for the moment, when I hear their sweet voices guiding my way home!!! .
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A Rare Glimpse into Tomorrow

You may be familiar with Carole Davis' work as the medium who brought forth the channeled information from the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in the much sought-after book, "The Skull Speaks". The sequel "Beyond The Veil of Time" continues with many profound insights and 'predictions' that are now coming true - such as reported in the 60 Minutes segment in April 2009 in reference to Cold Fusion.

Beyond The Veil of Time

Includes fascinating information omitted from the The Skull Speaks - because humanity
was not ready for it

If the material in "The Skull Speaks" has struck a chord in your ancient memory banks - and you wish to know more about the many topics introduced - then it is most essential you read
"Beyond The Veil of Time".

You will be taken on
a journey of discovery
far beyond the one you have taken in "The Skull Speaks".

You will learn
why mankind is here on earth, what drew our soul-spirits here in the first place, plus
what caused us to become trapped on this planet for untold centuries of time.

You will also learn more about the coming "Earth-Changes" - how they will affect mankind - and what is about to happen to our world when the earth's magnetic field is momentarily "switched off" during the coming
Pole Reversal.


"I certainly did get more information and have had many insights since the completion of both ebooks. The awakeing continues unabated....In fact I purchased my very own crystal skull and await the arrival with great anticipation. "(read more testimonials)

Sequel to The Skull Speaks

This is the second book by authors Brian Hadley-James and Carole Davis - while it is considered a sequel to "The Skull Speaks", it stands on its own as an exploration of a possible future - including topics such as 2012 and Magnetic Pole Reversals, divulging explanations of the past such as The Creation of Our Universe, Pyramids, Ancient ‘Gods’ and unveiling the future with Psychic Predictions, Aliens and UFO Technology.

Excellent. It had all the stuff missing from the first book.! (read more testimonials)

Beyond The Veil of Time was originally published almost a decade ago, revealing topics far ahead of its time and disclosing material that is now prominently supported, establishing the foundation of truth for what is to come as it disseminates the possible future ahead for humanity. (It even addressed the phenomenon of cell phones before its realization!)

While "The Skull Speaks" explored secrets of the crystal skulls, the second book ties it all together - especially the possible ET connection with the original crystal skulls. "Beyond The Veil of Time" is more than twice the size and covers much more, including information omitted from the first book.


I have read the ebook Beyond The Veil Of Time and found it fascinating! I have over many years read about many areas of interest including the illuminate, Aliens etc etc and I must say all I have read over the past years are all discussed and explained in this book. It is a remarkable book and well worth the read.(read more testimonials)

Beyond The Veil of Time is a particular must for anyone with an thirst for Extraterrestrial information as it addresses Alien visitation of the past & present and uncloaks the possible workings of spaceships. Even the true ET aficionado is bound to find new insight, and star beings will learn the history, background and legend of the Pleidians.

I did finish reading Beyond The Veil Of Time and enjoyed it even more than The Skull Speaks! Thanks for the opportunity to read both those books!
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Reading this book will leave you in awe, yet part of you will recognize the truth unearthed as it awakens an inner knowing in you that will assist in the shift of consciousness. And if you are one that can't fathom reading a 300 page book, just read the marked quotes and you will be immediately immersed in new thought.

To be perfectly honest it makes a lot of sense to me. I believe every word of it. I've been reading Edgar Cayce books for over a year and this seems to corelate everything he said. Overall this book was right up my alley. It is lengthy but i'm almost finished with it. thanks (read more testimonials)

Beyond The Veil of Time


25 chapters - 274 pages

Sorry - this book is now OUT OF PRINT and no longer available

EDITOR's NOTE: most people who have read "The Skull Speaks" also read "Beyond the Veil" - and love it!

The book is excellent.(read more testimonials)

I have just finished the book Beyond The Veil of Time and found it most exciting. I had a very profound deep and personal experience at the end of the book, as if a loving parent were calling me home. It was a joyous sensation from deep inside me.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it! (read more testimonials)

My first impression is after reading half the book in one sitting is: it is great food for thought and if converted from science to religion tells the very same story the Bible does. This is a great read. Thank You for this opportunity..(read more testimonials)


Absolutely love it. Thank you.(read more testimonials)


The book is excellent. I need more time to finish but I believe in the general concepts!
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Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, I have completely finished "The Skull Speaks" AND "Beyond the Veil of Time" and was rather excited. There were MANY confirmations of things that I somehow intuitively KNEW but had no concrete evidence to back it up. I believe I came out of the womb and upon my first awareness of this KNOWING, set my Body, Mind and Spirit on a "never ending search for the Truth". That drive/search caused quite a bit of unrest and discord within every facet of my life and living.

I can honestly say, that when I read the words on those pages, confirming everything, was like someone coming along and handing me the numbers for the BIGGEST LOTTERY JACKPOT you could ever imagine!!! I WAS FREEEEEEEEE. I was no longer held by something that did not feel right in my very Being. The energy centers of my Being blasted open and I felt this overwhelming and incredible sense of LOVE.

I NOW understood what happened and I am more than willing to be patient for their return. You see, I have always had a knowing that I was from the Stars and would many times go out and look up at the sky/stars and beg, tears streaming down my face, for "My Heavenly Family" to come back for me. I thought I somehow fell off "the ship" and no-one realized I was missing. But this is not the case. The Dimensional Gates were closed and THAT IS WHY I BELIEVED that no-one noticed me missing. They could NOT COME BACK FOR ME and I could not get out.

The book has started a flow of "remembering" and each new day brings another stream of information guiding me to them. First in the ethereal, then they will just materialize before me and then ... Well let's just say, everyday is a new opportunity to "play" with some new/old friends. Apparently, the Skulls have something to do with this as well.

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13 Crystal Skulls

Beyond The Veil Of Time

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