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2020 Crystaline Vision

Towards Peace & Spiritual Purification

While 12-12-12 marked the opening of a gateway to a new dimension of reality that is now unfolding before us as we have crossed the threshold beyond December 21, 2012, a new 2020 vision is becoming apparent as we reflect on our crystalline being, and embark on a rebirth and purification of our Spirit. The Crystal Skulls continue to support us in raising our consciousness throughout this time of upliftment and ascension.

The year 2020 will be the first year since 2012 where at least two digits are the same. February 2nd, 2020 will be the first time we re-encounter a palindromic date : 0202.2020 (date written out numerically is the same when turned back-to-front).

0202.2020 will not only be the next palindromic date, but it will be the first triple threat in eons, meaning that no matter your culture and how you write the date it will retain its reflective quality : mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy or yyyymmdd

The Mayans do not believe that the world is ending, but that a new world is beginning – this is the end of the 4th world and the beginning of the 5th world.

The truth is that what we as a society need to do is look at why did the Mayans vanish as a society and how can we prevent a similar fate. And as far as the crystal skulls, they have endured time and shifts through the ages - even better than a mural could preserve - whether ancient, old or contemporary, crystal skulls have access to primordial wisdom. In the present time, one may not be able to "see" what has "vanished" or if the world is now in a better place than an alternate reality, but certainly those ones close to crystal skulls can attest that their lives have been enriched by crystal skulls.

The lesser known fact that the Mayans worked with several calendars and that to them a threshold like 2012 was more like an opportunity to shift our consciousness, sort of like an opportunity for a Universal Resolution, similar to the New Year resolutions we have been accustomed to in modern society, but to a much grander universal level and power. When is the next one?....maybe we can achieve a crystalline vision for 2020.


United Nations's UNESCO has declared
2014 the Year of Crystallography
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I received my very first crystal skulls yesterday and I am so very pleased! The energy is just so loving and encompassing, and that is even before I had opened the package!

It was quite amazing as a familiarity when I started holding the skulls; even a sense of humor that we finally 'met' (again?!)

I am looking forward to use in my meditation/healing, help me out on some of the 'troubles' I have been having in this physical realm till now!

Many thanks again for the wonderful gifts you threw in the package! Wishing you massive Blessings!
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I love my 5" Amethyst crystal skull. I wept as I held her in my hands while looking into her eyes. She told me her was "Clair" she brings many gifts and I may use her how I wish!!!! I'm amazed at the energy and power emanating from her as she was charged by the solstice and full moon.

I have purchased several smaller skulls and I bought Clair to place in the middle of the 12 for the 13th skull legend energy. I will never purchase a skull from anywhere else. Thank you very much,
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I did indeed receive my lovely Sha Na Ra energized rutilated quartz skull. What a sweetheart! Such loving energy. I'm already feeling powerful shifts with her around, I look forward to seeing what we can create together. As always, I'm supremely pleased. Many Blessings,(read more testimonials)


I have ordered 6 skulls from your company. The quality is very good... As for life changing events .. there has been a lot of positive things happen, in my business ( internet radio presenter and my own personal life, since the picture jasper and jet skulls arrived. The biggest improvement came with the purchase of the hematite skull necklace. It took about 7 to 10 days to notice the protection it provides against negativity, and has even helped remove my own negativity.

I have to also add, I was a huge skeptic, but I have see now what these skulls can do, without even trying.
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I want to tell you that I have received it and I love it!!! As a matter of fact I'm wearing it now. The energy is so uplifting! I also have several other skulls from you that I love as well.. (read more testimonials)

I love my new fluorite skull! His energy is calm and loving. The colours in this fluorite are amazing, reminding me of swimming in a deep, ever shifting ocean reef. There seems to be some light reactivity with this fluorite. Depending on the type of light, the colours shift slightly and vary in intensity. The skull I received was primarily green but it looks blue sometimes in sunlight and more purple sometimes appears. There is also quite a few rainbows in it. I had felt the need for a fluorite skull for a while and had actually found some closer to home but I knew deep inside that my skull had to come from you and when I heard about the special solstice/full moon ceremony you were doing with Amar and Cana Ixim, well that clinched it for me. I've always gravitated towards the energy of Cana Ixim but now I find that Amar is appealing to me more and more too. I keep both their pictures handy on my computer and like to gaze at them from time to time. I feel blessed that a majority of my crystal skulls have spent time with both these skulls and feel the energy has rubbed off on the others. Many thanks from a loyal customer, (read more testimonials)

Absolutely love it. Such a happy energy. All the crystals I have received from you have a happy and light spirit. Divine little friends! Thank you so much for providing them to me.(read more testimonials)


Received my set of 5 Smokey Quartz Skulls. Could feel the energy right through the box as I took it out of the mail box. All are beautifully carved and are a great addition to my collection. I have them with my Citrine Skull Cassiel. All products I have gotten from you bring the greatest peace and well being into my home. Thank You so much for energizing them with Sha Na Ra. Cassiel will go with me to the Mayan City of Al Tun Ha in Belize in January. Thanks(read more testimonials)

I received my first skull from you today, a little rutilated quartz energized by Sha Na Ra. The energy from this little skull is absolutely wonderful! Thanks and enjoy your day!(read more testimonials)

Just to let you know that I received my pyrite solstice skull. It helps my meditations.  Just ordered an apatite skull - your skulls are the best!(read more testimonials)
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